National Conference on “Fruit Breeding in Tropics and Subtropics – An Indian Perspective” IIHR Bengaluru 27-29th April 2016

IIHR Bengaluru 27-29th April 2016
National Conference on "Fruit Breeding in Tropics and Subtropics - An Indian Perspective event
National Conference on "Fruit Breeding in Tropics and Subtropics - An Indian Perspective

National Conference on “Fruit Breeding in Tropics and Subtropics – An Indian Perspective”

IIHR Bengaluru 27-29th April 2016

National Conference on "Fruit Breeding in Tropics and Subtropics - An Indian Perspective event

National Conference on
“Fruit Breeding in Tropics
and Subtropics –
An Indian Perspective

Organized by
ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Hesaraghatta-560089
In collaboration with
Society for Promotion of Horticulture
and in association with
APEDA, NHB, NABARD, Bioversity International

Chief Patron
Dr. S.Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE & DG, ICAR, New Delhi
Patr on:
Dr. N.K. Krishna Kumar, DDG (Hort. Sciences), New Delhi
Vice Patrons :
Dr. P.N. Mathur, Bioversity International, New Delhi
Dr.S.B. Dandin, Ex.VC, UHS, Bagalkot, Karnataka
Dr.B.M.C.Reddy, VC, Dr.YSRUHS, Andhra Pradesh

In recent years, fruit breeding has seen a paradigm shift from the conventional
methods viz., introduction, selection, hybridization and mutation to next generation
high throughput sequencing. Research in breeding of fruit crops encompassing
a wide array of unique questions cannot be extrapulated based on the results of
Arabidopsis. Availability of valuable germplasm is a prerequisite for crop improvement.
There is an urgent need for conservation and evaluation of indigenous varieties in
various fruit crops. On-form conservation & recognising the farmers who conserve native
germplasm as ‘custodians of genetic diversity’ is a welcome trend. Fruit breeders
have been attracted to use the molecular technology as a complimentary tool to the
conventional breeding. Resistance breeding and development of varieties for various
biotic and abiotic stresses are the need of the hour.
Fruit breeding is undergoing a sea change with the introduction of underutilized fruits
with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical values of which are being referred as ‘fruit crops
of future’ viz., rambutan, longan, litchi, avocado, dragon fruit, durian, velvette apple,
etc., The need for rootstock breeding with a view to bring marginal and problematic
soils under cultivation is becoming all the more important. The export market for fruits
is expanding and varieties with longer shelf life and those suitable for processing are
very important.
Sequencing based approach will be more useful to study the trait specific gene actions
and gene manipulations. Molecular markers viz., RAPD, ISSR,SSR & SNPs are being
extensively used for diversity analysis and traits specific breeding.
Till date, the genome sequences of 12 fruit crops have been released, which
includes mango, papaya, grapes, banana, strawberry, sweet orange, etc. Information
generated on the cytology, cytogenetics, genome, proteome, transcriptome, miRNAs and
epigenome, are available in the public domain. To shorten the time taken for perennial
fruit breeding there is a need to work on the pre-selection indices.
This conference is being organized to deliberate on the new methodologies that can be
adopted effectively, to discuss about the ways and means to converge the traditional
and molecular breeding methods so that new varieties could be developed for present
day needs.

We believe that this conference would serve as a platform to share the
information generated in fruit breeding across the tropical and subtropical
regions of country by bringing together scientists from across the disciplines
related to fruit breeding and genetics so that a road map for improvement could
be drawn with the latest achievements in the following topics:

  • Germplasm conservation Strategies


  • Conventional breeding approaches for tolerance to biotic stresses & abiotic stresses


  • Cytology & Cytogenetics


  • IPR issues and Farmers’ rights


  • Breeding for fruit quality, post harvest & value addition


  • Tissue culture and genomics


  • Stakeholders Interaction meet


Bengaluru known for its salubrious climate, also being called as the ‘city of
gardens’ is the hub of software industries.
It is also one of the main centres of education within the country. Several ‘state
of the art’ nurseries engaged in the production of quality seed and planting
materials are located in and around the city. University of Agricultural
Sciences and a College of Horticulture under the University of Horticultural
Sciences, Bagalkot are also located here.
The ICAR-lndian Institute of Horticultural Research is located at Hessaraghatta,
which is 25 km from Bengaluru and has263 ha of land for research and
demonstration. It is one of the premier Institutes in the country engaged in fruit
breeding. A large field genebank of fruit crops containing varieties and species of
several crops are being conserved, evaluated and characterized. Several hybrids
in fruit crops have been released by the Institute. Apart from the main campus, it
has three regional stations and two KVK’s.

Source: Indian Council of Agricultural Research

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