IIM Graduate left Job to fulfill her dream in dairy and farming with her Father

IIM Graduate left Job to fulfill her dream in dairy and farming with her Father. Ankita MBA from IIM Kolkata and had a well reputed job in abroad. In...

IIM Graduate left Job to fulfill her dream in dairy and farming with her Father.

Ankita MBA from IIM Kolkata and had a well reputed job in abroad. In 2014, Ankita left her job and joined her father in his dairy and farming business. Today, Ankita is the co-owner of Maatratav Dairy and Organic Farm, which has 100 cattle and grows wheat and all seasonal vegetables and fruits.



Dairy and Organic Food

Business name and meaning – Maatratav is a Sanskrit word which means Mother Love.

Founder– My dad Mr. Phool Chand Kumawat, started this dairy in early nineties with our first jersey cow. Being a farmer kid from a small village he was already associated with this fieldsince his childhood days. But his purpose for keeping a cow was to provide his kids pure and fresh milk. With the time his love for these animals became his passion and he founded this dairy & it’s been running from last 25 plus years now. CurrentlyI’m running this with my dad where we have approximately 100 animals including all milking, non milking, heifers and calves.  We have national and international breeds of both cows& buffalo at our farms.

Profession And Experience– by Profession my dad is a civil engineer and was working with Public work departments of Government. He served the department for 30 years as an AEn and took VRS from his job, where in his 9 years job was still left. The reason for his VRS was his love and dedication towards our dairy.

Co-owner (Ankita Kumawat) – By profession I’m a MBA from IIM-Calcutta, having a work experience of 6+ years both in India and abroad. I did my schooling from St Mary’s convent school and graduation from International College of girls, Jaipur. I joined my dad in August 2014 as a full time before that I was associated with him as a part timer because of my job.

Aim – Our aim is to develop dairy & agriculture industry in Rajasthan, basically in Ajmer and Nasirabad.  Currently this profession is not considered as a reputed profession.  It’s human tendency to think that if a person is in capable of working with a good MNC or does not have a government job plus he or she is less educated than they choose dairy & agriculture as their profession.

What if one day we farmers and dairy owners say “NO” and do not supply any milk or vegetable to the market??THINK!!

However, this thinking should be changed. Farmers and dairy owners should be given respect in the society as the job they are doing is not less than a white collar job of any MBA working in a MNC. The only difference is that he is working in an AC cabin with all required facilities and with human beings who can speak and understand his language. Whereas we farmers are working in sun and are dealing with species that neither speak nor understand our instructions. We have to understand by their body language whether a plant or a dairy animal need water or feed.

We will be working towards the betterment of this industry, and have started with polyhouse cultivation for growing both national – international vegetables through organic means. Purity, quality and customer satisfaction stands to be our core values.

My inspiration–My inspiration is my dad. He is my mentor and my supporter in this business. Women are getting respected jobs and position in various other industries but dairy & agriculture industry has been a male dominant field since ages. Villagers are the only cluster of people who are working in this field, and according to them best work for a women is to be a homemaker and not an entrepreneur.  So I would not have been able to survive in this field without my dad’s support and guidance.

Knowledge source– My knowledge source for all these developments is newspaper articles, internet, and people who are already associated with this field.

Production and Product–Taking into consideration the current milking animals we have a monthly capacity of producing approximately 6000 liters of milk. Currently we are supplying milk to cooperative societies and also doing home delivery in local area.

Animal Care – The green fodder for our cattle’s is grown in house through organic means. Other than this we procure good quality animal feed and dry fodder from recognized animal feed sellers. Proper and timely vaccination like titans, FMD, BQ, etc. are provided to all the animals in our farm house. No injection is given to the animal at the time of milking for increasing the milk production. As tested by KEMIN(animal care unit) all our milking animals are free from liver diseases.

Customer service –Our product is appreciated and is accepted by people because of its purity and quality. We have customers coming in who cannot digest milk from other vendors but can drink the milk provided by us. Customers with eye operation also prefer our dairy milk.

Expansion plan– In near future we are planning to expand both our dairy & agriculture projects. Have already installed solar power plant at our Nasirabad farm to meet our electricity requirements and are also doing water harvesting during rainy season

  1. Local and international vegetable cultivation- planning to increase it.
  2. Mushroom Cultivation- Mushroom is considered to be a royal food. We will also be starting its cultivation in upcoming months. Mushroom is a low fat food with antioxidant qualities. It improves immune system, reduces cholesterol level and is also recommended by doctors to avoid HIV and other harmful diseases.

Trainings – Along with on the job training which I’m getting from my dad in our dairy farm regarding animal take care and other operation activities of dairy farm. I took one week Mushroom Cultivation training in September 2014 from Directorate of Mushroom Research Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

Challenges and sacrifices – I have recently started my journey in this field and the journey of my challenges also started with it. My basic challenge was that I entered into a field which is a male dominant area. The other challenge in this field is lack of trained manpower, as this work requires lot of hard work and dedication. One has to start early in the morning and can only sleep once the animals needs are taken care of.  However, with every new challenge I get more determined towards my goal.



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