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  • Regular Maintenance of Your Hydroponic System

    Regular Maintenance of Your Hydroponic System Testing the nutrient balance of your liquid solution should be done at least every 3 days.  There are several ways to check the pH of the nutrient solution in your hydroponic system.  Paper test strips are probably the most inexpensive way to check...
  • Best Hydroponic Systems

    Best Hydroponic Systems Soilless growing has a lot to recommend it, especially to urban gardeners. Hydroponic systems can take advantage of light-poor and unused spaces in the house or flat, provide a maintainable option to those with little time to care for their plants, and, crucially, allow for year-round growing. Even if...
  • general_hydroponic_soilless

    General Hydroponic Europe

    General Hydroponic Europe   General Hydroponics was founded in the mid 70’s near San Francisco, California, by a group of scientists, researchers and technicians. Today, GH is recognised by the international scientific community for its reliability, the quality of its products and its sense of innovation. Within a few...
  • Exclusive From Hydrofarm: Active Aqua Grow Flow System

    Exclusive From Hydrofarm: Active Aqua Grow Flow System Hydrofarm’s Active Aqua Grow Flow System is a complete ebb & flow (or flood and drain) system for indoor growing use. Ebb and flow is a simple, dependable and affordable form of hydroponics. Anyone can grow amazing plants this way, and...
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