13th International FloraExpo 2018

13th International FloraExpo 2018   INDIA – World’s 2nd Largest Market. With over 300 million population of middle and higher income group against nearly 1.2 billion population, India is...

13th International FloraExpo 2018


INDIA – World’s 2nd Largest Market.

With over 300 million population of middle and higher income group against nearly 1.2 billion population, India is the world’s 2nd largest consumer base and fastest growing retail destination. The increasing per capita income is pushing people to lead a lavish life. Flower decoration in houses is gaining momentum with the changing of life style of the people in India. Thus flower consumption is growing at a whopping speed of 30% per annum. Numerous festivals have added to the demands of flowers and have made India a floral super power of the future. A huge domestic market supports and high quality export oriented flower production is providing a unique competitive edge. India, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan along with other countries of the region make South Asia, the world’s largest market and India is emerging as world’s fastest growing flower and gardening market.


Networking Opportunities with Professionals from All Over the Globe

Last Flora Expo attracted professionals from over 16 countries around the world including leading ones from The Netherlands, Japan, UAE, USA, China, Taiwan, Thailand including other South East Asian and Arabian countries. The Exposition has emerged as South Asia’s premier meeting ground for various business dealings in the sector. The forthcoming FLORA EXPO 2018 will be an ideal platform to expand business into new markets both in India and other South Asian Countries.


Trading Opportunity with Buyers from All Over South Asian Nations

India has unique culture of flower consumption in many forms like garlands, flower-carpets, floral rains and floral jewelry, to name a few. FLORA EXPO 2018 will bring you not only conventional flower and gardening industry professionals but also mass buyers from large industry retailers such as home centers, supermarkets, departmental stores, interior designers, and interior shops. The buyers will come from every part of India as well as Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Persian Gulf & Arabian countries and other parts of the world. FLORA EXPO series is the first and the only professional event in India for international suppliers to meet and trade with all importers, buyers, retailers, dealers, garden centers and florists at one place!


India’s Enormous Flower and Gardening Market!!

India is poised to become the top flower trading center in this part of globe. Imports of flowers, seeds, bulbs, planting materials, greenhouse technologies and gardening related tools, accessories and equipment from all over the world are increasing every year because industry professionals in India are looking for new products, techniques and devices that are highly effective and cost-efficient for upgrading of knowledge and their business.

For international exhibitors, 13th International Flora Expo 2018 is the gateway to realize the huge potential of South Asian market as a year-round supplier and consumer. Meet everyone at 13th International Flora Expo 2018, concurrently with 12th International Landscape & Gardening Expo 2018, 10th International Horti Expo 2018, and 4thAgrex India 2018 at Pune, Maharashtra.


Why Pune?

Maharashtra is a leading Indian state in commercial horticulture, floriculture and allied interests. It is the largest producer and exporter of many horticulture crops like grapes, pomegranates, mangoes, bananas, oranges, etc. and the largest cut flowers and plant producing state of India. Greenhouse concept, an integral part of horticulture, was first introduced in India through Maharashtra. Since then, it has been home to major greenhouse manufacturers and accessories suppliers. Talegaon Floriculture Park, situated near Pune, is a unique example of cluster based approach of floriculture in India. Pune, our venue, has some of the biggest floriculture production centers, spread across 100 to 200 kilometres radius. It has become a major hub for international breeders and planting material suppliers and the ultra-modern tissue culture labs for horticulture and floriculture industry. In nursery and garden centers trade, it is a major producer of high quality ornamental flowers, trees and pot plants, it also caters to the demand of emerging landscape and vertical gardening industry. It also enjoys a locational advantage of being close to Mumbai, where India’s biggest perishable cargo complex exists, enabling quick export of these products. Enjoying these advantages, Pune undoubtedly has been Media Today’s prime choice for organizing the 13th edition of Flora Expo 2018, 12th International Landscape & Gardening Expo, 10th International Horti Expo 2018, and 4th Agrex India 2018.



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