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Nutrifield Nutrifield® is Australia’s leading manufacturer of superior hydroponic solutions, with an approach that has seen us rapidly evolve into a revolutionary international market leader within the hydroponics industry....
Company Profile Nutrifield
Company Profile Nutrifield


Nutrifield® is Australia’s leading manufacturer of superior hydroponic solutions, with an approach that has seen us rapidly evolve into a revolutionary international market leader within the hydroponics industry. Driven by a desire to have access to proven, research-driven products and feeding programs, Nutrifield® employs concepts derived from the latest in agronomy to deliver the market’s most complete growing media, nutrient and additives range.

We manufacture a complete range of superior-grade growing mediums, hydroponic nutrients, supplements and additives, certified organic fertilisers, stimulants and beneficial microorganisms. Nutrifield®’s mediums meet the stringent specifications of the Dutch RHP grading system, and our combination of natural organic and high-grade synthetic materials deliver a balanced feeding program that ensures optimal nutrient uptake – delivering healthier plants and increasing the potential for larger harvests. Nutrifield® products work in synergy, with CarNutrifield_1 go Boost® and Fulife® being prime examples. Cargo Boost® is our breakthrough proprietary nutrient delivery system, responsible for increasing nutrient delivery to a plant’s root system. When used in combination with Fulife® (which prevents complex bonds forming and converts nutrients into plant available form) you have the ultimate nutrient delivery system!

In a fast-growing industry such as hydroponics, the importance of working proactively to understand market trends before they occur is paramount. We actively pursue perfection through continuous research and development with the goal of providing the best possible solutions for gardeners, regardless of their experience level or what they are trying to achieve.

Nutrifield® offers a range of products to suit every gardener: from hobbyists to commercial farmers. With a testing period of 18 months for each product, those customers can rest assured knowing that the claims made by our products are grounded in scientific research led by our in-house agronomy team. With the aforementioned research and development being the cornerstone of our work, Nutrifield® has invested extensively in equipping our testing labs and experimental grow rooms with the latest technology to boost the effectiveness of our work. We have upgraded our testing facilities to a larger, state-of-the-art laboratory in order to meet the demands of gardeners internationally. We have also expanded the size of our grow facilities to speed up R&D for the creation of new products. We’re committed to not only having the most comprehensive product range, but also one that delivers the greatest benefit to our end users.

Our dedication to results-driven products aside, Nutrifield® is heavily invested in the development of educational material – such as our feeding programs – to assist all growers in their search for greater yields in terms of both quantity and quality. We understand that a great gardener is just as important as the nutrients, additives and media they use and we hope to inspire our customers to push the boundaries of their growing potential.

2014 marked a big year for Nutrifield® as a company, as we celebrated our 10 year anniversary and the launch of our new product labels and even some brand new products. In 2016, we’re keeping our sights lofty and our heads hard at work to continue to deliver the industry’s most tested, well-thought and complete product offerings. Keep an eye out for innovative products due to be launched such as the state-of-the-art Pro Pot™ System, accompaniments to our additives range and more products to give you a complete nutrient solution package.


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