Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc

Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc Kashyap Bhatt President / Inventor “NECESSITY IS A MOTHER OF INVENTION” During 1985 to 1987 consecutive three years drought in most of the states in...

Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc

Kashyap Bhatt

President / Inventor



During 1985 to 1987 consecutive three years drought in most of the states in India that destroyed valuable livestock that motivated Canada based Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Kashyap Bhatt to develop solar powered portable greenhouse to grow green fodder round the year. In 1987 the first prototype was built in India and since then research and development continued to create automatic system that can grow various crops under controlled climatic conditions in +50° Celsius to -50° Celsius ambient temperature.

Our “STATE OF THE ART”, US & Canadian patented solar & wind powered portable greenhouse justifies its need for the countries having shortage of agriculture land, water, electricity and / or having adverse climatic conditions to grow field crops due to global warming.

Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc. is the manufacturer of US and Canadian patented solar photo voltaic and wind powered portable and fixed structure greenhouses. Our eco-friendly and self sufficient greenhouses are capable of growing organic crops. We believe this revolutionary technology is the key to fighting drought, starvation and famine across the world in the most cost efficient way.

Mr. Kashyap Bhatt has also formed Greenfield Foundation (An NGO), with the mission of combating starvation and deforestation worldwide. Foundation provides financial and technical support for women in the rural areas to help them creating self-employment by introducing Solar/Wind powered portable and fixed structure greenhouses.

Our achievements:

  • In 1989 first commercial Hydro Fodder Farm was sold in India with the State Bank of India Bank Finance
  • In 1994, We are winners of the “Market Entry for Energy Efficient Technology” (MEET) of Ontario Ministry of Environment & Energy, Canada. Our technology is proved user and environmentally friendly.
  • Technology received US & Canadian patents.
  • In 2009, we are winners of the “Development Marketplace” DM2009 global competition of the World Bank,
  • Our technology qualifies for CDM funds and Carbon Credits.
  • Our turn-key projects are techno-economically viable for the bank finance in absence of any grants or subsidies available from local governments

Greenfield has developed systems and provides consultation in various projects. We have expert teams and proven technologies to meet your requirements.

Commercial production of Herbs, Broccoli & other bean Sprouts

We have developed portable greenhouse ” greenfield-hydroponics-systems-inc-soilless-org “ for growing sprouted beans in a greenhouse environment. You will certainly appreciate the effectiveness of greenhouse cultivation and of producing and supplying fresh green sprouts which can be grown throughout the entire year, is low in fat, high in fibers, hygienic, highly nutritious, rich in energy and a good source of essential vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids.

In our greenhouse we use only freshwater, which is recycled for 24 hours. Hydroponically grown sprout is also free of dust and other agriculturally related contaminants and toxins. ” Hydro Baby Greens “ is grown in an environmentally controlled, fully automatic greenhouse and is capable of sprouting broccoli, radish, alfalfa, barley, buck wheat, clover, corn, cress, white bean, kidney bean, lentil, mung bean, oats, pea, Soya bean, sunflower, wheat etc.

Commercial production of Wheat and Barley grass juice

Barley and wheat is grown hydroponically. You will enjoy producing fresh green grass which can be grown throughout the entire year, is low in fat, hygienic, highly nutritious, rich in energy and a good source of essential vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids.

Beef, pig and goat breeding and dairy project

Greenfield has developed a beef, dairy cattle, pig and goat breeding project to meet with the local market demand of meat, milk and dairy products as well for the export of it to the international market in association of expert partners in each field concern.

Greenfield will supply U.S & Canadian patented solar photo voltaic powered portable greenhouse to grow fodder and has acquired the services of other Canadian companies and agencies to supply genetics, livestock, lab equipment, composting system, bio mass energy production and rural refrigeration systems, pre fabricated buildings, dairy equipment, etc. and to provide technical, financial, project management and marketing expertise that this project requires. Greenfield can provide you a turnkey project including training of your personal.

Based on your requirements we provide turnkey project. We provide consultation and a project report on a minimum US$2000.00 non-refundable retainer fee. The consultation charges will vary based on the type and size of the project. The consultation fees we will compensate against the purchase of the equipment and / or licensing arrangements.

Let us work together for better tomorrow…

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