Mama Publications

Books for pioneers of Soilless Gardening

Mama Publications

Books for pioneers of Soilless Gardening.

As the interest for modern and alternative ways of gardening grows all over the world, pioneers are experimenting, developing new methods and trying to spread the word about soilless growing. When it comes to that, MamaPublishing is not to be overlooked.

Tigrane Hadengue and Michka Seeliger-Chatelain created MamaPublishing in 2012 in Spain, as the sister company of MamaEditions that they founded in 2000 in Paris, France. After thirteen years of experience and about 30 French titles, they decided to evolve into international reference books specializing in the fields of indoor and high-tech gardening. “With MamaPublishing we wanted to develop our gardening series while reaching a wider audience, from domestic gardeners to professionals”, says Tigrane. While expanding, they have kept the same vision: publishing high-quality works, supporting internationally recognized authors and being authentic. And it has worked!


William Texier

Their book Hydroponics for Everybody by William Texier, has been a real success all around the world. First published in French, it is now translated into English, Spanish, German, Czech and Russian. “And there are more to come!” says Michka. The Dutch and Italian versions are in progress. “Because they cover everything about home horticulture and are well illustrated, those books are bibles for people who want to work on basic gardening or high-tech installations, and that is why they are such hits.”

Culture en Intérieur by Jorge Cervantes, available in 3 formats – Master, Basic and soon Mini – is also a MamaPublishing bestseller, with more than 70,000 copies sold. “The author is a worldwide reference for indoor gardening and those books – which target both professionals and enthusiasts – are sold all over the world”.

MamaPublishing has developed an innovative concept with these series. Not only are the books practical guides for indoor gardening and hydroponics, but they also provide people with a directory of professionals. ” It is not always easy to find your way around in highly specialized sectors such as hydroponics. We wanted to help readers to get in touch with all types of professionals and also to provide them with information about festivals and trade shows.” The directories, which are updated every year are also an unconventional way for distributors to advertise. By adding those lists of professionals at the end of their books, MamaPublishing turns them into real tools, reaching a large public and giving their advertisers a lasting worldwide visibility.



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